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New Members Discussion

Sunday, October 22 at 9:30am in the pastor's office

We will celebrate another baptism of a little one in 10 days but confirming that baptized membership is yet another step in congregational commitment. We are offering a chance for all to know more about what all of this means: outreach, serving (committee, elder, and many other opportunities), confirming a baptized membership, and more.

We are offering the first such chance to talk about all this on 9:30am October 22 in the pastor's office. There will be coffee and snacks available as well. To be clear: attendance is not a commitment in any way, shape or form. This is not even considered a "membership class" but rather just a chance to ask questions and discuss.

For current members this is also a great opportunity. Our church and denomination have changed quite a bit over the years and now that Pastor Martin has been here 8 years, involved in the Presbytery, and last year served on the General Assembly level he welcomes your questions! This will just be the first offering. If you miss it on 10/22 we will certainly meet again in a few months.


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