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New Members Discussion

This congregation has been gathering at the heart of the borough for nearly 204 years and establishing our direction to serve and reach a community with needs is greater than ever. We have a pastor and a session of elders but all are needed to care for our congregation and reach out to that community.

On Easter Sunday we baptized 2 little ones into our congregation but confirming that baptized membership is yet another step in congregational commitment. We are offering a chance for all to know more about what all of this means: outreach, serving (committee, elder, and many other opportunities), confirming a baptized membership, and more.

We want to hear from ALL current non-members about the right time to get together. We are a small congregation so flexibility is a benefit. Over lunch after a worship service? A Saturday morning brunch? What works for you? Please talk to Pastor Martin directly (some of you have already talked about this) or reach out to the church office. We want to hear from you!


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