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Discussion on Creation

October 8 during coffee hour (after worship); led by Pastor Martin This will be similar to the last two presentations/discussions we had in June and August. For the last one, our pastor presented various views on the Millennium in Revelation 20 and end-times chronology. Then we had a far-ranging and lively conversation after.

Right after worship folks can grab their coffee hour snacks and sit down for another meeting in the same format, this time on God's Creation. We all agree that God created everything, including us, but how exactly? Just six to twenty thousand years ago? Often known as Young Earth Creationism. Or is the earth older than that, though still rejecting the theory of evolution? Often known as Old Earth Creationism. Or did God use evolution? Often known as Evolutionary Creationism. And where does the idea of Intelligent Design fit into all this?

There will be about a 10-15 minute slideshow on these various opinions and theories, and then we'll circle the chairs for anyone who wants to stay further for discussion and questions. With such a wide-ranging array of views among Bible-believing Christians on this topic (part of the point of the whole presentation!), please be prepared to listen and discuss respectfully.

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